What’s the Impact on Dolphins and Whales?

The major oil spill off the Orange County coast of California will affect dolphins and whales in different ways, including:

1. Absorption through direct contact at the surface and in the water column;

2. Exposure through ingestion of water while feeding and through…

Did you know that dolphins have skin lesions and physical deformities?

Dolphins are top predators, meaning they feed at the top of the food chain. When chemical pollutants settle into seafloor sediments, they are absorbed by a variety of small organisms. Some of these animals end up in the stomachs…

Keeping dolphins in captivity is not acceptable anymore

I have spent much time in the company of wild dolphins over the last thirty years. I’ve built a career following their everyday movements and observing their behavior from research boats. When I began my studies, I knew these creatures primarily as…

Learn simple and easy ways to better explain science to non-scientists

Many scientists have a bad tendency: they often speak in a way that is incomprehensible to the general public.

I know what I am talking about because I am a scientist.

In our defense, traditional scientific training doesn’t typically prepare us to be effective communicators outside academic circles. Scientific peer-reviewed…

Have you ever wondered where dolphins go after you get a glimpse of them as they surf a wave or catch a bow-ride off a boat? I did.

Bottlenose dolphins off California, one of the marine mammal species I’ve studied in this stretch of the Pacific Ocean for over two…

Maddalena Bearzi

Ocean Conservation Society President - Marine Biologist (dolphins + whales), Conservationist - Published author - Journalist/Blogger (National Geographic)

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